Birdfly, currently in BETA, is available to download to your Windows PC starting 4th April 2020 - completely free of charge! We promise it'll bring back some Flappy Bird memories. 

Follow the tips below to get started:

1) Head over to this link: to download the files to your PC. All files are malware free however may be blocked by McAfee or Windows Defender depending on your settings. You will need to disable Windows Defender if it completely blocks download.

2) The '' file is a compressed .zip file containing the application along with data related to the functioning. Ensure you extract this file (as you normally would for .zip file). 

3) Open the application '2D Flappy Style'. The file is a .exe file so it will only run on Windows PCs. Please ensure you download to a Windows 7, 8, 8,1 or 10 PC as other versions may not be compatible. 

Hope you enjoy the game!

Aneal Bening

Founder of The Game Site Ltd

Disclaimer: The Game Site Ltd nor Aneal Bening hold any liability for any performance effects this may have on your devices.